Wildlife Bronze SculptureTom Schultz

Thomas Schultz, internationally known artist was born and raised in northeastern Saskatchewan, Canada. The perfect location for a man with a passion for wildlife and the outdoors. Tom’s artistic interests began at a very young age with an aptitude towards fine detail.  His interests eventually found him exploring the art of bronze sculptingA self-taught artist, Tom’s specialty is creating realistic sculptures of wildlife and domestic animals as well as human subjects. Tom prefers the medium of bronze as it allows him to create three-dimensional pieces with rich depths of texture and color.

Tom’s award winning art work has been sold in Canada, USA, China, Japan and Holland for over 20 years.

Besides being contracted to create a life-size monument of Dr. Sun Yate-Sen and Morris Cohen for the City of Saskatoon, Tom has completed work for Stars Air Ambulance and has created memorial bronzes for private clients.


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working in his studio.
Tom Schultz

In the fall of 2015, Tom was putting the final touches to a massive outdoor presentation of 9 wildlife bronze sculptures at a private acreage. Please see the Gallery for preliminary pictures (Images  35-44).