As a self-taught artist, Tom prefers the medium of Bronze.  It allows him to create three-dimensional pieces with rich depth of texture and color.  When he creates a commission for you, when finished, your friends and family will be envious and will want to have a commission made for themselves.

See a short TV interview of Tom working in his gallery.

Interested in Commissioning a Sculpture?

Create your own unique piece of art?

Tom has more than 20 years experience working directly with clients to create the exact piece they want.  In fact, most of the pieces in his gallery were commissioned by clients.  They can develop from real life or a family photo, an event, a pet, that unforgettable holiday, or a special wilderness experience.

Whether it is to be a major sculpture for an interior or exterior space, or a smaller presentation or corporate gift, Tom is flexible to accommodate any timeline and budget.  The process is as follows:

  • An initial consultation over the phone or Skype to understand your vision.
  • Once a definitive agreement can be drawn up and signed, a deposit is required.
  • Ongoing communication and, if needed, a site visit is undertaken until the final design is approved.  Upon approval, a further deposit is required.
  • The clay mold is sculpted.  You will see ongoing photos and can check in as often as you wish.  Once approved, the clay maquette is sent to the foundry.
  • Photos of the finished bronze sculpture are sent to you.  Upon approval and final payment, the piece is shipped to you.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction!

Call or send me an email and let’s get started in creating a sculpture that will make you want to show the world!


Finishing Touches
Working on finishing touches in the field….
Fine Details
Working on fine details in his studio….